Are you looking for juice shop furniture for business? This fantastic kiosk booth is the perfect addition to any beverage business. With its white color and vibrant green tile wall decoration, it will surely catch the eye of customers passing by. Today, I want to share a nice juice bar counter sharing with you. It’s good to sell coffee, fresh juice, coffee, beverage, etc.

food court counter

Description of juice kiosk

When you step inside, you’ll feel like you’re in a trendy retail shop. The front counter boasts a wall display stand, where you can showcase your delicious beverages and snacks. Right next to it, there’s a cashier register counter, making it easy for your staff to efficiently handle payments. For added convenience, you can even attach a glass panel on the countertop to showcase your premium offerings.

juice booth

There’s a designated area near the front counter where you can easily set up your blender, juicer, or any other equipment necessary for creating your tasty drinks. And don’t worry about cleanliness – the back counter comes equipped with a water sink, perfect for quick and easy cleaning. Plus, there’s a storage cabinet where you can keep your supplies organized and within reach. View more options for tea kiosk

juice kiosk cabinet

Advertising is key, and this juice shop design has got you covered. Hang your menu and posters from the top ceiling to ensure that customers can easily see your specials and promotions. This will not only attract their attention but also provide them with all the necessary information about your offerings. Check more beverage kiosk design

food stall design

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is essential, and that’s why this fast food kiosk booth includes seating options. On the left-hand side of the shop, you’ll find seating tables and chairs for your clients to relax and enjoy their beverages. This thoughtful addition will not only keep your customers comfortable but also encourage them to stay longer and potentially make additional purchases.