Every coffee brand has its unique style to appeal to target people. The coffee kiosk decoration helps consumers distinguish you from other brands and it will e one of your shop symbols. Today, I want to share a nice bubble tea kiosk sharing with you. It is good to sell coffee, espresso cafe, bottled beverages, and food. Let’s view more details together.

Coffee stand

Customize coffee kiosk design

The coffee stall size is 10ft by 10ft, and we can arrange the display showcase, storage cabinet, brand logo, posters, and working counter in a suitable area. The primary material is plywood with a wooden panel finish decoration. It makes the coffee kiosk high-end and lets people recognize you for the first time in the shopping mall.

Coffee booth

Layout decoration

The front counter has a curved counter at the side, and it has open shelving at the front so that people can order food directly. While the middle counter of the espresso kiosk has a cashier counter with a register, we can also put the brand logo on the surface. We can see there is a display area at the side, so people can pick up beverages and items together.

Coffee counter

The back counter has multiple places for espresso equipment, a water sink, and a refrigerator. There are open shelves at the back side to display more items. The side counter has space for a milkshake machine and blender for better usage. Under the counter and table has lock cabinets.

Find more options for a coffee cart

Coffee booth


There is a big wooden roof at the top with metal tube support, we can add a luminous logo on the brand ceiling. Lights are also hung on here to increase glow and make the coffee shop outstanding.

Learn more information here if you plan to open a coffee kiosk outdoors.

Produce photos show

We can see the actual coffee kiosk effect in the product photo, we install the food booth well in advance so that the owner can view all the details well.

Coffee display