Do you plan to start a potato kiosk? Potatoes are one of the most common foods at food stalls. People can make potatoes into snacks. Such as french fries, potato chips, potato salad, spicy baby potatoes, etc. It’s an excellent option to open a potato corner kiosk to earn money. It’s easy to operate and has a huge profit. Here is a superb potato corner kiosk sharing with you.

Potato Corner Kiosk

Description of potato kiosk

This potato kiosk is good to set up in the shopping center, street, or restaurant store. The fast food kiosk size is about 2m by 2m, which includes the front service counter and back working table. Merchants can choose brilliant colors like orange, green, red, or blue to get a good effect. Materials include MDF, baking paint, acrylic, stainless steel, metal tube, etc.

Potato Corner Kiosk

The front counter has a display rack to show potato models to attract people. Fryer set at the side to prepare food. Near is a glass display showcase at the side. Also good to use as a dumpling kiosk. It is to place potatoes and food here for clients to select. You can also set the ingredient table to enrich the taste of potatoes. The counter body has a significant brand name with lovely logos. It has wheels and a decorated roof, which is convenient to use and high level the shop theme.

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Potato Corner Kiosk

Back Counter

The back counter is used as a storage counter and working table. Inside cabinets are moveable shelving to place more items. You can also add posters and brand logos facing the public so that we can leave a deep impression.

If you plan to open a potato or snack kiosk, please tell us your ideas. We can make it meet your demands. Contact us to get more information.