What do you think about opening a potato kiosk in the mall? The potato corner kiosk is suitable for making and selling potato-related snacks, such as potato chips, french fries, mini potatoes, hash browns, and shredded potatoes. Merchants can also add beverage cabinets to provide sour plum soup, orange juice, and other beverages to improve customer satisfaction. A potato corner kiosk only needs a small booth to start, such as 3m*2m or even 1.6m*1.2m to start a business. Before starting your business, you must prepare a suitable service counter and necessary machines. Like most pantries, you need to design the door logo and slogan and decide food kiosk color and shop theme. An attractive snack kiosk, warm service, and The delicious taste of potatoes are crucial in determining your success. You can ask for help from a professional team of designers and get the ideal concept on our website.

The potato kiosk is suitable for use in shopping malls, food courts, supermarkets, and food stalls. Potato is one of the most popular foods. It can be eaten not only as a snack but also as a main meal. Potato corner kiosk has a variety of shapes and can meet the needs of different businesses. You can choose a U-shaped, L-style counter and even push a food cart to start a business. The most important thing is that merchants must find potato restaurant designs and decorations suitable for their products and business concepts.

Styles of potato corn kiosk

No matter when you are ready to open, choosing the right potato corn stall and the layout of the pizza kiosk is very important. First, you need to rent a spot in the mall. Then determine the potato kiosk style according to the size and orientation of the booth. Potato kiosk costs range from 2800usd to 7200usd, based on the kiosk size, counter quantity, material, and crafts. Here are four popular types sharing with you.

potato corner kiosk

  1. Square potato booth: Square potato booths are most common in malls. There are four side counters within the rental lines. You can arrange the service area, display area, and work area to increase the display effect. Usually, the front is the display area, where merchants can display products to guests, the cashier is set on the side of the counter, and the back is the sink and equipment. Logos, posters, and menus are installed prominently.
  2. U-shaped counter. A U-shaped counter is suitable for stalls near stairs or near railings, and the curved design allows the counter to enhance creativity. Businesses reserve one side entrance and exit, with space in the middle for work. In this case, you can combine the work and display areas to save operating margin. At the same time, guests can get food for the first time. 
  3. L-style stall. L-shaped potato food concession stalls are suitable for small stalls close to walls or pillars, such as 2m by 1.2m. Merchants can put equipment and glass displays on the counter, and guests can watch the making process. 
  4. Food cart. Food cart sizes range from 1.2m to 2.4m. You can add wheels to push them to different locations. A food cart is suitable for use in shopping malls and open-air streets, you can increase the roof to attract guests’ attention, and the top can also help with shade.

More outdoor kiosk options: Fast food trailer

How to purchase potato kiosk

Everybody wants to purchase a pleasant and attractive potato kiosk for business. For most companies, potato kiosk decoration is just a concept. They are still determining whether it’s sound or reasonable. Especially for first-time entrepreneurs, it isn’t easy to decide how to start. Then you can look for professional designer help at Mall Kiosk. We can provide service from start to finish. Here’s how to get the ideal potato kiosk

  • Make 3D designs. Making a counter design is a crucial part of starting a project. A team of designers creates the 3D kiosk models according to the ideas and requirements of the merchants. It can reflect the potato kiosk shape, color, counter layout, material effect, lighting decoration, etc. Merchants can see the complete beverage kiosk effect and details in advance, and your design and brand name will also attach in a suitable position. You can even make a few tweaks to get the final design. The 3D design is expected to be completed within 3-5 working days, and the design fee is 300usd before the start. 
  • Produce and install. Produce starts after confirming the order and deposit arrive. Workers will first prepare materials as drawings. Most materials need customization, so it takes several days to prepare. And the materials determine the kiosk quality and effects. Then cut the wooden panel into pieces and build the wood body. The third step is to make surface treatment. The final step is to assemble signage and wires. We can view the looks of potato kiosks in reality. Produce time needs about 25 work days. 

Package and shipping

The package is significant for overseas delivery. It is not only for protection but also to meet the export standard. The potato booth is different from other goods because it is big and heavy. Our workers will clean the counters first, then pack each counter well for long-distance shipping.

  1. Package details. We will use shock-proof cotton and corner protection inside. Then wrap the plastic wrap to fix the inner package to avoid scratches. Next, we will use foam to cover the cabinet and fulfill the package gap. Outside is a wooden box package. Besides, we will write numbers on the package to help people distinguish each cabinet.
  2. Shipping details. There are three methods to deliver potato and churros kiosks: by boat, airplane, and train. Most goods use sea shipping, which takes about 26 days to arrive at the destination sea port. Different ports and routes have other voyages. It is better to reserve at least one month of transit time. If you need it urgently, shipping by airplane is a good choice. It takes about 12 days to arrive at the airport after departure, but the airfreight is very high. Train transportation is safer and more suitable for landlocked countries such as Switzerland than sea transportation.