Starting a business with a book kiosk is a great option. With the fast development of the internet and technology, poeple can easily gain news and knowledge. However, most poeple love to read books, it will leave a deep impression, and can repeat read them at any time. No matter where you plan to open, this book cart helps a lot. Let’s view more details together.

Book kiosk

Introduction of book kiosk

We can see this book kiosk’s color is golden and black, increasing a high-end effect. It looks like a car shape with a golden stainless steel tent frame. Merchants can hang brand logos on a black background as a car window.

Book stand

The display counter of mall carts is very important for clients to buy them. It has top curve layers on the countertop, which show the books in a better way.  The counter body also has the brand logo and decorations to make the bookshelf look attractive.

Book cart

The side counter has storage drawers, when people pull them out, it can increase the showcase area. It’s a good idea to attach a golden stainless steel push handle here. So that merchants can push it to different locations of events when in need. You can use it in the ground, shopping malls, parks, reading corners, and even libraries. It’s good to show and sell books and magnizes directly. View retail kiosk ideas

The materials include MDF with baking paint finishes, golden stainless steel, stickers, and an acrylic logo. If you need a customized book kiosk, contact us and view more book kiosk designs.