What do you think about starting a beverage business with a container kiosk? Are you looking for a hot beverage shop interior design that is both attractive and functional? Today, I want to share a 20-foot container kiosk that is perfect for selling beverages and ice cream. We can also customize it to fit your brand theme and business. Let’s learn more information together.

Description of beverage kiosk

The main color of this interior design is a refreshing green, which will surely attract customers and create a welcoming atmosphere. The kiosk features two sales windows at the front counter, making it easy for people to place their orders and learn more about your business. We can also arrange the counters and equipment properly to improve sales and also for better work.

But that’s not all – right in the middle of the windows, there is an advertising stand that is to showcase news and even your daily menu. This will surely catch the attention of passersby and entice them to come inside. If you want to sell ice cream as well, don’t worry – we have got you covered. The side counter of the custom kiosk has enough space for ice cream equipment, allowing customers to purchase their favorite frozen treats directly.

Inside the coffee kiosk, you will find a beverage machine at the back, ensuring that you can serve your customers with delicious hot drinks. There is also a work counter with a storage cabinet, providing you with plenty of space to store your ingredients and utensils.

To make sure that your container restaurant is well-lit and functional, we recommend adding lights and wires. This will not only enhance the overall ambiance of your shop but also make it easier for you to work efficiently. Whenever you plan to open a container kiosk, contact us and get more good designs.