Do you want to open a kiosk near a gym or in a high-traffic area, but have trouble with the design? Don’t worry, I’m going to show you a great drink kiosk.


First of all, our beverage kiosks are green and environmentally friendly, in line with the modern city’s pursuit of sustainable development.

Secondly, the container design of the beverage kiosk, easy to place, can be easily placed in any venue. Best of all, our beverage kiosks not only satisfy customers’ thirsty needs, but also provide much-needed services. such as charging and buying other small snacks .

In addition, our beverage kiosk has a large space design, the beverage kiosk interior space design is spacious and bright, so that salespeople are not crowded, around the beverage kiosk, you can also put a few stools, so that customers and friends sit down .and have a rest and chat, slowly taste your favorite drinks.


  • Overall size:  4m x 3m x 3m (length x width x height)
  • Material:  Stainless Stell /  LED  Strip light /etc.
  • Placement type:  Floor Standing
  • Power plug: correct plug for delivered country
  • Package: EPE foam+ Bubble film+  wooden box
  • Lead time: 3 to 7days for standard showcase,10 to 20 days for customized order
  • Customization: Brand logo/Color/LED lighting color/Metal color/Size etc.





This beverage kiosk is  beautiful and practical. The use of stainless steel metal material. The outer surface is painted with green paint, so that your beverage kiosk looks environmentally friendly and conspicuous. With a diverse design. The container kiosk has a variety of professional food processing facilities.  From smoothies, milkshakes, hot coffee to fresh juice, giving you an opportunity to taste a variety of drinks.

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