How do you think starting a lovely donuts kiosk in the shopping mall? With the fast development of society, more and more poeple love to buy donuts in the mall. Whenever you are planning to open a business, this creative donuts kiosk is a great option. Let’s view more details together.

donuts counter

Introduction of donuts kiosk

The donut kiosk is designed to attract customers with its vibrant pink color scheme and creative display. The combination of golden metal, white, and pink creates a lovely and eye-catching aesthetic that draws people in. The kiosk is strategically located in a mall setting, against a wall that is approximately 19 feet long by 9 feet wide.

As customers approach the sweet kiosk, they are greeted by a front counter with a display of delicious donuts on the countertop. The entrance features a cashier counter with brand signage that immediately identifies the business. The brand logo is prominently displayed throughout the kiosk, from the front counter to the arch wall decorations that vary in height. These decorations not only add visual interest but also serve to reinforce the brand identity.

sweet food booth

On the back side of the dessert kiosk, there are wall displays with three TV screens that showcase the menu offerings. This helps customers easily navigate the menu and make their selections. Additionally, there is a 6-foot drink bar counter on the right-hand side where customers can sit and enjoy their food and drinks in a comfortable setting.

donuts cabinet

Overall, this donut kiosk offers a delightful and inviting experience for customers. The combination of pink color, and creative design elements. And strategic layout makes it a standout destination in the mall. Whether customers are looking for a sweet treat or a refreshing drink, this kiosk has something for everyone. Contact us and get more unique donut kiosk designs now.