Many poeple plans to open taco kiosk in the food court and street. Taco kiosk mainly uses to sell local special food, fast food, and snacks. It includes equipment space to prepare tacos and food, a topping counter, a cashier register desk, a brand logo wall, a water sink, etc. Starters can also reserve space for dining tables and chairs. Here is a useful taco kiosk sharing with you.

Taco kiosk

Description of taco kiosk

This taco kiosk color is white and wooden, we can also use green glass to decorate the food kiosk. The front counter has a cashier counter near the entrance for checking bills. The glass showcase sets on the counter so that people can order more food. The slogan set on the counter leaves a deep impression on poeple. In the middle counter is a large topping bar, which helps people purchase food flavors. We can set machines on the side counter with a glass panel to prevent work.

Behind the counter has a water sink, space for a refrigerator, beverage equipment, etc. It’s used as storage and kitchen room for better work. The taller wall hides the equipment so that poeple won’t see from outside. We can also attach logos and posters on the wall to attract more people.

Taco kiosk

Seating area

There is a dining table with chairs set in the front, it views as a food restaurant at the mall. People can enter your shop to order food and eat on-site. It’s a great idea to set up green grass counters on the lease line, that decorates the food shop. If you have new ideas about the layout plan, we can also add them to your food kiosk design. View outdoor food kiosk design

taco kiosk

Mall kiosk provides custom-made fast food kiosks for people. Whenever you want a taco kiosk or snack kiosk, we can make it for you. If you need further information, please contact me. Thank you.