Are you looking for a tea kiosk to earn money? Green tea, hot tea, bubble tea, and smoothies are popular among poeple. It’s a great idea to open a nice milk tea kiosk in the shopping mall. With its elegant white color and golden metal frame decoration, it exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication. Today, I want to share a nice tea kiosk with you.

Description of bubble tea kiosk

The front counter of the tea kiosk features a cashier register where customers can easily make their purchases. The counter also boasts a menu display, making it convenient for customers to see the available options. Additionally, the counter body is adorned with the brand logo and curved details, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design.

At the back side of the bubble tea kiosk, there is a dedicated work area equipped with essential equipment for making delicious bubble tea. This includes a bubble tea machine, a hot water tank, a water sink, a fridge, a blender, and a milkshake maker. This ensures that the staff have everything they need within close reach, allowing for efficient and seamless operations.

One unique feature of this tea kiosk design is the golden frame that resembles an arch door style on the wall panel. This not only adds visual interest but also creates a sense of grandeur and opulence. It truly stands out and captures the attention of passersby, making it an attractive destination within the mall.

To further enhance the customer experience, the Luxury Golden Metal Tea Kiosk Design also includes comfortable seating options. With a sofa placed at the side, customers can relax and enjoy their drinks in a cozy and inviting environment. Before starting bubble tea kiosks, purchase useful tea kiosks from us now. We have a professional designer team, that can customize the tea kiosk for you.