Are you looking for unique spices kiosk to earn money? Spices are common because spices make food delicious and smell good. Today, I want to share a nice spice kiosk with you. It is suitable for use in shopping centers and open stores.

spice kiosk

Information of spices kiosk

  • Size: 4m by 2m or customized mall kiosk available
  • Basics Material: Plywood with laminate surface
  • Color: Beige color with gray decoration, white countertop
  • Usage: Display all kinds of spices, promote the brand, and increase store imagine

mall booth

Details about open kiosk

We can see the mall booth designs photo, and the spice kiosk has multiple glasses showcases on the top. That helps with sorting out products and convenience to purchase. Under the countertop has a locked cabinet with shelving, and business people can place more items for sale. Besides, we can also add a glass cabinet at the front to better display products to clients. We can also add toppings to help distinguish different spices. A bridge with metal tube support in the middle shows the brand “Blend Wagon” to the public. Advertising adds on the counter body to attract eyes’ attention.

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business kiosk

Produce photos show

People can view the actual effect of both inside and outside looks directly. The primary material is Plywood, which is bear weight and waterproof. Besides, high-end malls accept this material. The suitable treatment is laminate, making the retail kiosk look good and have smooth touch. And the 8mm tempered glass with lighting lamps better shows items to clients. White artificial stone high-levels the shop theme and avoids damage.

glass kiosk

If you need further information, please send an inquiry immediately. We have a professional design team, so your new ideas can add to the design drawing. We provide customers seven days a week.