Are you looking for a unique popcorn kiosk to earn money? Today, I want to share a nice popcorn kiosk with you. It’s a unique design and can show the cabinet in a great way. It not only enhances the shop theme but also makes your corn kiosk outstanding. If you are going to start a popcorn business, don’t miss this popcorn kiosk design.

Popcorn kiosk

Introduction of popcorn kiosk

We can see the front counter has a glass showcase in the middle with brand signage. It has wheels decoration on two ends and looks like a mobile food cart style. Very special and attractive. While the side counter has a menu with metal tube support, it guides poeple to order popcorn and snacks.

Corn stall

There are corn models that decorate the column, so poeple can understand your popcorn business uses sweet corn to make. It also increases the memories of your popcorn shop. Underneath the countertop is a locked cabinet with movable shelving inside, which is good for storing necessary food and items.

The top ceiling has a wavy shape decoration, with a logo on 4 sides. Adds to the overall popcorn kiosk design and is very eye-catching. Ceiling lights highlight the work area, which is convenient for clients to work. No matter what is your location size, we can make it suit your business well.

Popcorn cart

The primary kiosk color combines green and yellow decoration. It highly reflects the brand theme and better shows products to every client. We can use MDF with parking paint to make the overall popcorn kiosk a unique shape and style. Combined with wood veneer finishes, the overall corn kiosk looks vivid and attractive. However, we can also use metal tubes to support the overall corn kiosk.

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