The retail stand is a good business because it needs a remote location to start and can earn a profit. People only have to rent a small area and buy a small push cart. Here is an excellent mall cart to share with you. Selling boutiques, retailers, decoration items, and jewelry is good. Let’s view more details together.

mall cart

Description of mobile cart

  • Size: 2m by 0.6m
  • Color: Blue and white color
  • Usage: Good to install in the shopping mall, street, retail shops, and events use as an RMU stand.
  • Style: Modern and high-end theme
  • Material: MDF, baking paint surface, soft leather decoration, meal tube, wheels, etc.

mall cart

We can see this in the mall cart design. This boutique stand has a large brand logo in the middle. Soft leather with diamond decoration surrounds it to a high level of the shop theme. There are slat wall displays in the middle of the counter with a display area to show more products for sale. At the same time, the ceiling is a dark blue area with a white metal frame decoration. The logo also attaches here for a high level of the shop theme.

View unique mall booth design

mall cart

Storage cabinets

There are storage cabinets set behind the counter. It has dark blue frames on the cabinet door as decoration. It also makes your portable cart looks better. There is a pull-out plate at the side to increase the showcase area. At the same time, another side uses it to check bills. Push handles on two sides to move forward. White wheels view as decoration and support. Small steering wheel with brake for moving. No matter how unique a mall cart your want, contact us to get more new designs.