Are you looking for a food booth? Service counters are popular in the food store. People can order food here and can also view food products for sale. If you open a nut shop or waffle store, this food counter helps a lot. Today, I want to share a nice food court counter with you. Let’s view more details information.

Location of food counter

Merchants can find a suitable area for the food counter. For example, place it at the back side along with the brand image wall. So that clients can remember your shop well when purchasing food. We can also set it near the entrance door of the candy shop. Therefore, the salesperson can view every customer and guide them to buy food. It’s also convenient for consumers to pay bills before leaving. It’s a good idea to send us your shop floor plan, our design team can help you find a good place and show it in a 3D design.

nuts shop design

Description of food court counter

This nuts counter has a reception counter and space for cakes, and beverages. The front of the counter has walls to protect the machines and make it look better. The main color of the snack kiosk is dark blue with golden stainless steel decoration at both the top and bottom areas. It creates a high-end shop atmosphere and makes it look better. We can see the back side has a lock cabinet and drawers, that’s good for storing more items.

nuts store counter

Led lights are very important for food court counters, as they increase the brightness and attract the eyes’ attention. The white stone counter table for the nut kiosk is durable to use and it’s easy to clean and high level the shop effect.

Produce photos show

We produce the food court counter step by step. So that people can view how to produce it and can view the real effects in advance.

fast food counter


We will use foam to pack and protect the counters. And we will use corner protection and plastic to cover the kiosk well. Then use wooden boxes outside. It’s an outport standard package for long-distance delivery.

mall booth design