It’s a great idea to start a salad kiosk to earn money. Salads, fresh fruit, and juice are known as healthier foods, that’s why salad kiosks become popular among poeple. If you plan to enter into food industry, this food kiosk is a great choice. Let’s view more details below.

salad kiosk

Introduction of salad kiosk option

The salad kiosk size is 10ft by 10ft, it is decorated with artificial green grass together with a black surface. It creates a high-end shop theme. The material mainly uses plywood with laminate finishes, which is strong and durable. The countertop uses a solid wood with varnish, giving people a natural feeling. Other materials include a stainless steel toe kick, a metal frame, an acrylic hollow logo, etc.

salad booth

We can see the front counter has artificial grass decorating the food counter as the background of signage. It’s good to place ingredients, the corner has a cashier register with the menu stand in the front. Which guides poeple to purchase delicious food.

food kiosk

There is a small counter near the door, which is used as a working bench. We can also attach stickers surrounding the food kiosk, reminding poeple of your business well. Besides, the back side has a long salad bar equipment with a taller wall surrounding it as protection. So that popele won’t get access to it. There is a brand image wall stand at the side, which covers the column and also makes people remember your company culture.

fruit kiosk

If you want an attractive and special salad kiosk design, don’t forget to contact us. We are a direct manufacturer and can customize food kiosks for you. The professional design team can make 3D designs based on your needs.