The reception counter is significant for business. Especially for shops and offices, the reception counter is where visitors learn about your business and consult. It’s necessary to choose a high-end reception counter for your business. Here I want to share a nice L-style reception kiosk with you. We can make it fit your location size and reflect the shop theme.

reception table

Description of reception kiosk

  • Size: 300cm long, 100cm wide, and 120cm tall.
  • Color: White with yellow decoration
  • Materials: MDF with baking paint, golden stainless steel with mirror effect, silk screen logo, acrylic, etc.
  • Usage: Receive visitors, display products, and enhance brand image

We can see a brand logo on the counter body and a yellow acrylic surrounding the counter with warm light. It makes the reception counter look good and can also high-level the shop theme.

reception counter

This reception kiosk is for one person to work with many storage cabinets. It has two layers of counters; the top is used to pass items to visitors and is convenient to use. The bottom countertop is used for work and placing files. Drawers, along with cabinets, help to sort out things and files.

front table

Real produce photos show

The reception counter looks high-end and has a smoothie surface effect. It has a high glossy baking paint finish that can match the piano paint effect. No matter what colors you require, we can meet your demands. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a unique idea about reception kiosk decoration. We can make a kiosk design based on your needs.

office counter reception desk

We can add warm yellow light surrounding the counter frame. It vividly shows your items and can make the whole reception desk look good. We can even add flooring light on the skirting area to make your desk stand out. It will also leave a deep impression on the clients.