Pizza and hot dogs are popular fast food because of their delicious taste. It’s a good idea to open a pizza kiosk in the mall to earn money. This pizza booth includes two parts, people can order meals at the front, and workers prepare food behind. Let’s view the details here.

pizza kiosk

Description of pizza kiosk

The primary color of the pizza kiosk is yellow and red, which makes your food booth outstanding. We can see the design of the front counter has a service counter with two cashier registers. It is convenient for clients to order meals and pick up pizza. And the brand imagines a wall in the middle with posters, a logo, and a small window to pass food.

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pizza kiosk

Behind is a space for working counters, fridges, and ovens to prepare pizza. You can arrange the counters and equipment in a suitable area for convenient work. The entrance door at the back to enter the churros kiosk. You can also attach a logo on the wall to make people remind you well. The wall is higher than the counters, used to hide machines and hang posters.

pizza kiosk

Materials show

The primary material is Plywood, which determines the mall crepe kiosk quality. And the surface materials is solid wood strip and lamination. What treatments can highlight the shop theme and create a natural and environmentally friendly atmosphere? Other materials include stainless steel kicking, an artificial stone counter table, the acrylic logo with a luminous effect, and so on. The light box is better for showing posters and menus to guide people to delicious food.

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