Are you looking for a nice juice bar for business? The New Design Beverage Booth Stone Juice Bar Counter is a stunning addition to any juice shop in the USA. With its beautiful color combination of purple, yellow, and white, this booth will give your shop a lovely and fresh feeling. Making it truly stand out from the competition. Let’s view more options here.

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Introduction of juice kiosk design

At the front counter, we can see a cashier register in the middle, making it convenient for the juice kiosk the customers, and the staff. The topping bar and countertop glass display are nearby. Allowing customers to easily view and purchase their desired items. On the right-hand side, there is a water sink for washing. A dining table with chairs set at the front to maximize the use of space. Additionally, a freezer is also included in this area for easy access to frozen ingredients.

Moving towards the back and right-hand side of the beverage booth, there is a long work counter with a locked cabinet, forming an L shape. This provides ample workspace and storage for all your juicing needs. The countertop is purple translucent stone, creating a fantastic and dreamy atmosphere that will captivate your customers. To add a touch of warmth and eco-friendliness, the wooden booth is adorned with wooden wall decorations. Leaving a lasting impression of freshness and environmental consciousness.

The juice bar is not only visually appealing but also highly functional. It has been thoughtfully to meet the needs of both the customers and the staff, allowing for a smooth and efficient operation. By incorporating this booth into your juice shop, you are sure to attract and retain a loyal customer base. There is a roof support to hang brand signage and remind people to focus on your shop from a distance.