coffee kiosk

Product Parameter

Custom-3D View

Our designers come from varied design backgrounds, with a wide range of professional experiences. From retail design, interior design and through to industrial design, this melting pot of creative talents, means your retail project can draw on a deep reserve of creative thinking.CAD , 3D max, Sketch, CDR.

Product Layout

The layout of the milk tea shop is relatively clear and reasonable. The top is milk tea shop brand customized led luminous crystal word logo. In general, it has three distribution regions. The first is our cashier. There are also electronic posters in front of cash registers. Customers can consult the staff if they have questions. The second is the display cabinet with fire-proof board veneer, and the display cabinet with transparent glass material is used to display food ingredients. In this way, customers can clearly see the materials used in the products in the store. Inside the milk tea shop, there are tables for employees to operate and counters for refrigerators to store. The partitions are also clean.