Provide dessert kiosk customization service, assist in passing the mall audit. Sweet dessert always a delight. Dessert kiosks that can be seen everywhere in the streets and shopping malls always emit attractive fragrances and exciting discounts. In order to make your kiosk more attractive, you need to customize your own dessert kiosk.

mall kiosk design

Dessert Kiosk

  • Material-MDF, the surface is flat and smooth, which is convenient for secondary processing, and can be decorated by painting and printing. Solid wood decorative.
  • Countertop-Man-made stone. Food kiosk usually use man-made stone, compared with traditional building materials such as stainless steel and ceramics, artificial stone not only has multiple functions, rich colors, but also a wider range of applications. Artificial stone is flame retardant, non-stick to oil, non-seepage, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew, impact-resistant, seamless splicing, and ever-changing shapes.
  • Glass-Tempered glass display dessert.
  • Stainless steel skirting-The main function of the skirting line is to protect the kiosk, so as to prevent the part of the kiosk near the ground from getting dirty. In addition to its protective function, the current skirting line has become a material that can reflect the decorative style.

dessert kiosk

This is an elegant dessert cake kiosk. The overall style is marble white, which mainly highlights the characteristics of desserts. There is a circle of light at the bottom, the whole kiosk is more conspicuous.

What’s more intimate is that this dessert kiosk is equipped with a seating area. If you are tired from shopping in the infield, you can choose a sweet dessert and enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting on the seat. And the color of the whole seat is also consistent with the kiosk.

This one is far from selling desserts, such as cakes, macarons, donuts, etc., can be sold as a set. As for beverages, fruit juice, coffee and bubble tea are all good choices.