Are you looking for a nice juice kiosk to start a business? Everyone likes orange juice because it is a healthier drink. Brilliant kiosk color makes your juice shop stand out, people can also notice your business from far away. Today, I want to share a nice juice kiosk with you. Let’s view more details together.

juice stall

Introduction of juice kiosk

It suits an area of 4m by 2m area, including a roof, displays counter, storage cabinet, brand logo, machine space, etc. The front counter is orange color matches the whole juice shop theme. It has a round corner and we can sell all kinds of beverages and juice here. The menu attaches to the counter, with colorful pictures and descriptions of each drink.

The logo of the juice kiosk is prominently displayed on the ceiling, with eye-catching colors and designs. The light box painting is located at the top of the front counter, drawing attention to the kiosk even from a distance. The bottom area has lock cabinets that can store many items for sale

juice kiosk

The backside of the fruit kiosk has a wall cabinet for storing supplies and equipment, with a roof that also displays the kiosk’s logo. Advertising posters are attached to the wall, showcasing the different drinks available.

The T-style wood floor adds a warm and inviting touch to the kiosk, while the white walls and ceiling give a clean and modern look. Overall, this nice juice kiosk is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, offering customers a great experience while enjoying their drinks.

juice showcase

Materials of juice kiosk

We mainly use MDF with glossy baking paint surface treatment, it looks high-end and attractive. The stone counter table is very strong to use and easy to clean. Besides, we can use stainless steel to protect the kick area. So it can serve for so long time and can prevent beverage kiosks from hurt.