The Outside Mall Perfume Shop Design Wooden Oxygen Booth is a unique and stylish addition to any outdoor shopping area. With its wooden color and glass door entrance, this booth stands out and attracts customers with its inviting atmosphere. Whenever you plan to start a business on the beach street or outside the mall, this perfume kiosk is a great choice. Let’s view more details information together.

perfume shop fixture

Seating Sofa for Comfort

The inviting seating area provides a perfect spot for customers to unwind and enjoy the array of delightful scents. Whether they are looking to have a leisurely chat with friends. Or simply want to take their time exploring the fragrances. This comfortable sofa ensures that customers can relax and fully immerse themselves in the perfume-shopping experience.

The seating sofa at the perfume kiosk is designed to provide customers with a comfortable and welcoming environment. Its plush cushions and stylish design offer a touch of luxury. Making it the ideal place to unwind and enjoy the scents around them. Customers can relax in style as they browse the selection of perfumes. Taking their time to find the perfect scent that suits their preferences.

Reception Desk for Assistance

The reception desk at the perfume kiosk is designed to provide customers with expert assistance. Staffed by knowledgeable team members, the reception desk is centrally located within the booth for easy access. If customers have any inquiries about a particular perfume. Or need guidance in selecting the ideal fragrance for themselves or someone special. The staff at the reception desk are readily available to offer their expertise. Find more open kiosk design

It serves as a hub of information and support for customers navigating the wide array of perfume options available. With personalized recommendations and a wealth of product knowledge. The staff at the reception desk are dedicated to ensuring that every customer finds a scent that perfectly suits their preferences.

perfume counter

Display Counter with Brand Image Wall

Behind the reception desk, customers will find a display counter with a brand image wall. This wall showcases the various brands and products available in the shop. So customers to easily see the range of options on offer. The display counter is perfect for highlighting new arrivals or special promotions. Drawing customers in, and enticing them to make a purchase.

Display Shelving

Elevate your shopping experience with our display shelving units at the perfume kiosk. These shelves are strategically placed on the walls to showcase individual products and create captivating themed displays. By utilizing these display shelving units, customers can easily browse and explore the wide range of perfumes available.

Enhance your customer’s experience by offering them the opportunity to view and compare different scents before making a purchase. These display shelves provide easy product visibility. Allowing customers to make informed decisions and ultimately, boost your sales. Learn more about perfume kiosk