The Pink and White Combinations Pearls Bubble Tea Kiosk Booth is a must-have for any tea business looking to make a statement. Designed in a unique right-angled trapezoid shape, this kiosk is perfect for setting up near escalators or stairs to attract more customers.

Tea booth

Custom tea kiosk design

One of the key features of this tea kiosk is the strategically placed water sink at the entrance. Ensuring that the workbench stays clean and organized. The back counter is equipped with bubble tea equipment to prepare delicious drinks for customers. While a bridge ceiling allows for the display of light box paintings showcasing the menu.

tea booth

The long side counter serves as both a display and service area, with a topping bar and cashier register for easy ordering. Businessmen can attach brand logo, advertising poster and menu on the counter body. Creating a memorable impression on customers. Additionally, a teacup model in the corner adds a touch of charm to the overall design.

The color scheme of the beverage kiosk is a striking combination of pink and white. It with blue floor lights adding an extra pop of color. White LED light lamps is to enhance the overall theme of the shop. Creating a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere for customers.

tea counter

Whether you’re starting a new tea business or looking to revamp your existing one. The Pink and White Combinations Pearls Bubble Tea Kiosk Booth is the perfect choice. I has unique design, practical features, and eye-catching color scheme. Which sure to attract customers and make your business stand out from the crowd.

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