An attractive bakery kiosk plays a big role in the mall kiosk business. We recently made a nice cookie kiosk for Australian customers. It highly reflects the brand theme and can sell cookies and desserts better. No matter whether you plan to sell Marcos, biscuits, desserts, or cupcakes, this food kiosk is a great option. Let’s view more details together.

Food kiosk

New invention cookie kiosk for sale

This cookie kiosk size is 3m by 3m, it also fits other common sizes. Because it includes 2 individual counters. The main color is pink in the strip finish decoration. The golden stainless steel ceiling with an acrylic brand sign makes the whole bakery kiosk outstanding. Merchants can also add under-counter lights to make the cake kiosk brilliant. Artificial stone along with tempered glass showcase and panel makes the whole food kiosk attractive. Pink grid tile is used as the background of the brand sign creating a warm effect and looks it well.

Sweet kiosk

We can see the front counter has a cashier register counter at the side with golden round brand signage. Remind customers to order cookies and pay here. Next to it is a glass display showcase with multiple layers. Merchants can add light lamps to highlight the bakery for sale. While the side is a display counter with a water drop shape decorating. View the dessert kiosk here

Fast food kiosk

The back side counter is used as a workbench, with golden metal frame support tempted glass on the countertop. It separates consumers from access to the workspace. The water sink is also set at the side for better usage. Besides, we can also put beverages and lockable cabinets for usage. Don’t forget to add signage on the counter table for advertising. People can also remember you well when pass by. Please contact us if you need more sweet kiosks.

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