Macaron kiosk is a good place to sell macaron and dessert. People love macaron because of its charming looks and delicious taste. Macaron has a big market because both adults and children highly accept it. It’s also a good sweet after dinner. If it’s your first business, why not start with a macaron kiosk? Here is a nice macaron kiosk sharing with you.

Marcaron booth

Description of macaron kiosk

The macaron kiosk size is 3m by 2m, primary color is pink with a golden metal frame decoration. It looks lovely and gives people a warm feeling. The color combination will also enhance the brand theme and highlight the product well. So we mainly produce macaron kiosks with MDF with glossy baking paint. It’s also a great idea to add wave strip decoration on the counter finishes. Golden brand signage with backlit makes the overall food kiosk look great.

Macaron booth

We can see the front side has a glass showcase with 2 layers. It’s shows macarons in order and convenient for clients to buy them. Near it is a long display cabinet used as a sales window. Merchants can display packed macarons as samples and attract people. View more options about sweet kiosks

Macaron showcase

The side counter has a higher display counter with a glass cabinet in the middle. It increases the showcase area and displays macaron uniquely. While another side has service tables that look like an L shape. Businessmen can also place macaron samples for clients’ taste. I am sure it will increase their purchase desire.

Led light is very important for a macaron kiosk, the flooring light can also make your macaron kiosk outstanding. If you are looking for an attractive macaron kiosk, contact us soon. We can come up better design solution for you.

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