Mall candy kiosk

Pink is a sweet taste, just like candy gives people a very sweet, sweet taste, Seeing the pink candy kiosk can naturally think of sweet candy. This is a good design concept, which has given a lot of shopping malls display effects, and the feedback information is also very good. If you want to buy a candy kiosk but don’t know where to start, take a look at this candy display.

candy kiosk

Confectionery cabinet layout

The length of the whole candy cabinet is relatively long, the size of the whole candy cabinet is about 4 meters long, 1 meter wide, 1 meter high.

This is a pink candy cabinet display cabinet, it is mainly three sides of the display of the candy cabinet. On the other side is the cashier of the candy store. In front of the cashier, the logo of the store is designed, and the display of candy and snacks on the other floor is attached. The display box of the candy kiosk is made of acrylic material. The transparent material can show the color and nature of the candy. At the top of the candy case is an undecided display booth with the store’s logo and graphics on it. At the bottom is a lollipop sticker design to make the candy cabinet more seductive.

candy kiosk Cash register display

At the front of the candy cabinet is the cashier’s display. The cashier position is sufficient, so the staff can see the candy sales around. At the same time, the cashier book also designed two layers of candy display.

candy kiosk Acrylic box

The box of candy cabinet is an acrylic box with a door display, which can facilitate the timely cleaning and replenishment of the staff. The size of the acrylic box can also customize, which needs to customized according to your requirements. The advantage of using an acrylic box is that storage time can long, convenient display candy, easy to clean. Each of the four corners of the candy cabinet is designed with two sandwich panels to display candy or snacks. Therefore, it is necessary to choose this candy cabinet. Feel free to contact us.

candy kiosk