With the fast development of technology, electronic kiosks play a big role in our daily lives. It provides free information to the public, includes directions, and commercial services, and also plays video advertising. It often works together with Drones Kiosk, so clients can learn more information. No matter when you need electronics kiosks, you can get a good solution on Mall Kiosk

Electronics Kiosk

Information about electronics kiosk

These electronic kiosks have a display stand with a TV screen. It has a wire connection to provide a power supply. Merchants can update the content at any time they want. It can stand in front of the sales window, against the wall, or anywhere you require it.

  • Size: 700*300*1800mm, or customize size according to requirements.
  • Color: White. We can also customize colors based on your needs.
  • Material: MDF with glossy baking paint surface
  • Location: Suitable in retail shops, supermarkets, shopping centers, airports, movie theaters, VR kiosks, etc.

Electronics Kiosk

Design Information

Before starting with a TV stand, it’s better to make a 3D design first. You can see how the electronic kiosk fits the environment. You can decide the color, style, sizes, everything well. This TV stand is used in a cell phone store in Felixstowe UK. It is mainly used as advertising to remind people of new products, hot sale items, etc. Our designer creates 3D design drawings according to the requirements. So just tell us what you want, and we can customize it for you.

Electronics Kiosk

Production effect

We produce the electronics kiosk according to the confirmed design drawing. That’s to make sure the owner receives the same item as they want. We will also take photos and videos to show all the details. Mall kiosk provides all kinds of electronics kiosks, if you need them, contact us now.