Do you plan to earn money with a self-service coffee stand? Using coffee stands, people can buy coffee and even help themselves. It’s good to use in the shopping center, in the street, in coffee shops, restaurants and even at the office. You can decorate it with your brand logo, and make it the same color as you need. We have made bulk orders for clients nearly every month. If you have any new ideas, we can also add them to the coffee stand design.

coffee stand

Introduction of coffee stand

As we can see in the design, this coffee stands mainly in black with wooden door decoration. It has a backboard to show advertising, paintings, and even a brand logo. The countertop has a display cabinet on one side to place items for usage. A coffee machine is set here to provide coffee. It has wheels at the bottom, so you can change the location at any time you need.

coffee stand

  • Size: 800mm*600mm*1600mm, can customize to meet your demands
  • Color: Black and wooden, blue and white, etc.
  • Materials: MDF with baking paint, stainless steel countertop, stickers, cup divider, wheels, etc. We can also use plywood with a lamination surface as basic material.
  • Usage: Display coffee machine and restore necessary items.

If you plan to open a coffee shop, you can get more decoration ideas here.

coffee stand

Production details

Once confirm the order, we will produce the coffee stand step by step. You can also understand how the kiosk is being completed and how the final looks directly. Workers will first make the wood body, which determines the coffee kiosk quality. Then make surface treatment, you can get a smoothie coffee stand in this step. Finally is installation, and you will get what you want. If you need any further information, pls kindly send us an inquiry. We are here and ready to help.