With the fast development of the economy, glass kiosks become more and more popular among businessmen. It’s good to display all kinds of retail items, such as perfumes, cell phones, jewelry, eyeglasses, cosmetics, and even boutiques. Today, I want to share a nice glass kiosk with you. It can be used as a perfume booth in the shopping mall. Let’s learn more information together.

jewelry kiosk

Red and white glass kiosk design

This glass kiosk combines red and white colors, looks attractive, and can better show perfume products. Size is 3m by 3m, suits for most mall location sizes and retail shops.

glass showcase

We can see there are hollow-out decorations on the surface with warm light. It not only makes the perfume kiosk look better but also attracts the eye’s attention. There is a warm LED light in the middle of the perfume cabinet. While the top counter has a glass showcase. it has 2 layers in total and can show more items properly. We can also add a light lamp on the top to highlight the products.

More produce photos show

glass cabinet watch kiosk

We can see the actual kiosk effect via the produced photos. It had the same effect when the owner installed it at the shopping mall. Each counter is made and packed individually so that the owner can put them together and use them.

The materials include MDF with baking paint, other materials include 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, LED lights, etc. Whenever you want a nice perfume kiosk, you will get good design options here.