Dessert kiosks in malls are good to start a business and exchanging company culture. It’s a nice design to open a food kiosk to earn profit. Clients can buy delicious food, like egg tarts, cupcakes, bread, coffee, and even juice. Cupcake kiosk design. Here is a nice dessert kiosk sharing with you. Hoping to get more kiosk design drawing with you.

dessert kiosk

Description of dessert kiosk

The dessert kiosk size is 4m by 2m, you can make it the same size as your space. It has a cashier counter with a glass panel on the top near the entrance door. The oval brand logo on the counter body lets poeple notice your business and brand. The Center counter has 2 chairs used as a dining table. It won’t affect employees working space, because a wider counter in the middle separates both counters. A decorative pattern representing the pattern surrounds the counter for decoration and highlights the brand. If you want to open a bakery kiosk, view designs ideas here

dessert kiosk

The side has a glass display case to place egg tart and dessert for clients to select. Like most food kiosks, the back counter has space for machines, such as a microwave, water sink, beverage machine, etc. The water sink is also set on the counter, you can add a water system to provide daily water usage. Next to it is a wall cabinet with shelving, that is convenient to place necessary items here. chocolate kiosk design

dessert kiosk

We can also add a brand logo and decorations on the wall, which allows people to view you at the first sight. You can also attach advertising posters, sales information, and a menu on the kiosk body to gain more clients and business.

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Material information

Materials are very important for food kiosks. It has to meet both government and mall rules. The materials include Plywood, lamination, stainless steel, acrylic logo, etc.