The cupcake kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping mall and street. Most bread shop also sells cupcake, because it has a delicious taste and can take away easily. Whenever you plan to open a cupcake kiosk, you can get a good solution on our website. Because our company has a design team to customize food kiosks to fit your business.

cupcake kiosk

Introduction of cupcake kiosk

The cupcake kiosk’s main use is to sell cupcakes, beverages, and sweet food. You can make it the same size, same color, and suitable layout as your business. It includes a glass display showcase area, a working counter, advertising space, and a storage cabinet. You can also use it as an egg tart kiosk

  • Size: 4m by 2m
  • Color: Purple and wooden color
  • Materials: MDF with baking paint, solid wood veneer, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic signage, etc.
  • Accession: Shopping center, supermarket, food court, and even bread shop

cupcake kosk

Cupcake counter layout

We can see there are glass counters with multiple layers on the front side. There is a cashier counter in the center with the brand logo on the cabinet body. It surrounds by wooden decorations and red stickers as background. The left side of the cake kiosk has an advertising wall with a slat wall in the middle to show items. Besides, the top has a wooden frame with the same red sticker decorations.

cupcake kiosk

The back counter is used as a kitchen counter, it has a beverage machine, and microwave on the countertop. There is a fence of wood strips decorating the back, adding interest and adding to the back wall decoration. Advertising machines and signs can be set here to attract people’s attention.

View bakery shop decoration here

cupcake kiosk

Real effect show

The cupcake kiosk looks very attractive. And it helps with the business. No matter when you need it, pls contact us now.

cupcake kiosk