Do you need an indoor kiosk design? Indoor kiosks have become popular among people. Everyone can open an indoor booth to make money as it is easy to start and can open soon. Here is a nice wooden kiosk to share with you. It is good to display and restore items. Let’s view more information together.

Description of wooden kiosk

This indoor kiosk is round, with an individual service counter in the center. We can see the wood combined with purple color with yellow light decoration, looks very attractive and unique. It has multiple shelving at the front to show products with tempered glass. So that clients can view the products well. The indoor kiosk has a lock cabinet for storage, so merchants can close well at night. At the bottom is a light brand logo and signage to remind poeple of your business.

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wooden kiosk

On the backside are lock cabinets, so salespeople can get the items to clients. And drawers at the bottom are used to restore more items. The counter has a logo stand that makes poeple notice you and high-level your shop theme.

Produce photos show

This mall kiosk mainly uses plywood to make the kiosk body, and the surface material is natural wooden. It high-levels the brand theme and makes the shop stand out. We can view the effect directly in the product photos. Produce follows 3D design drawings, that’s to make sure everything works well as planned.

gift kiosk

The actual effect of gift kiosks

It’s the actual kiosk effect when installed at the shopping center. You can put each counter together and connect wires. It’s easy to complete the whole work. And it is good to sell gifts, retail items, jewelry, and so on. We can get an excellent mall booth from us whenever you plan to start with a mall kiosk.

wooden kiosk