What do you think to start a business with a juice kiosk? The juice kiosk is suitable for making and selling kinds of fresh and frozen juices, such as coconut juice, watermelon juice, orange juice, and so on. Merchants can start juice businesses in shopping malls, beaches, scenic spots, cinemas, and on the street. People can decorate it to highlight the shop and create a specific scene to increase interest. Here is a nice fresh juice kiosk sharing with you.

juice kiosk

Unique juice kiosk design

This juice kiosk color is pink and white, it is lovely and eye-catching. We can place the working counter to fit the diameter 3m area. That is convenient to use to improve sales performance. The primary material is MDF with glossy baking paint surfaces, smooth touch, and reflects your business well. Other materials include stainless steel, PVC floor, acrylic logo, lighting lamps, etc.

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juice kiosk

Decoration and layout information

The front counter is a 9-topping counter with a glass showcase and the cup dividers set near it on the left-hand side. Next to it is a cashier register to help with ordering. We can attach brand logos on the counter body and put unique stickers to decorate it. The backside counter has space for a refrigerator and yogurt machine. Lock the cabinet under the countertable to restore items. There is a coconut tree outside the beverage kiosk for sale.

juice kiosk

From an outside view, we can see there is a yellow wood base at the bottom. It’s a rotating shape that looks very special. We can also add light strips here to highlight the entire juice booth. If you have any new ideas about fruit kiosk decoration, don’t hesitate to contact us soon.