With the fast development of society, many people plan to begin with mall food kiosks to earn money. Opening a mini booth is a good option for new business people. It needs a small investment and can make money back soon. Today, I want to share a nice mini kiosk with you. It’s designed for customers from Nigeria to sell crepes.

mini kiosk

Introduction of a small kiosk

As we can see, this crepe kiosk needs a small location size of around 2m by 2m. The primary color is cream color with black decoration. It reminds people of your products and high light the shop theme. Materials include MDF with baking paint. Other materials include artificial stone countertop, 8mm tempered glass, light box logo, LED light lamp, stainless steel kicking, etc. We can help you choose suitable materials to build the mini kiosk.

crepe kiosk

Description of mini kiosk layout

The food counter has two crepe machines to prepare food for sale. It has tempered glass on the front to keep clients away from food. In contrast, the left side counter uses as a pick-up and service counter. It has slanted black parallelogram decoration, which increases the sense of a high-end shop theme. We can see it has a tall brand logo standing near the entrance. The right-hand side has a water sink and space for machines. It is good to sell food and drinks to earn more money.

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crepe kiosk

The food counter body has a lightbox and luminous logo decoration, which attracts people and leaves a deep impression on them. Lighting is also crucial for mall kiosks. It makes your crepe and cake booth stand out. No matter when you plan to open a crepe kiosk, you can get a good solution from us. Contact us and get more information.