Are you looking for a modern fruit kiosk for business? Here is a wooden fruit booth to share with you. The Solid Wooden Finishes Fruit Kiosk with Wooden Roof is a charming and stylish addition to any outdoor space. With its wooden strip finish decoration and wooden roof, it exudes a rustic and natural vibe that is sure to attract customers. Let’s learn more details together.

Fruit Counter

Size of wooden food kiosk

Measuring 4m by 3m, this juice kiosk offers ample space for all your fruit-selling needs. The front counter is equipped with a reception counter complete with a cashier register. Allows merchants to efficiently check bills and assist clients with their orders. Additionally, there is a long topping counter along with a glass counter display.

Fruit booth

Smoothie kiosk introduction

At the back counter, merchants will find a blender and other machines to prepare delicious food and drinks. This kiosk is perfect for selling fresh juice, fruit, smoothies, milkshakes, coffee, and more. The possibilities are endless! To add a touch of visual appeal, merchants can set artificial plants and fruits as decoration. It adds a pop of color and makes your fruit kiosk stand out among the competition.

Food kiosk design effects

We can view more kiosk effects from design photos. People can add new thoughts and elements to the food kiosk design. It can also help you get mall approval and talk details with partners.

Fruit kiosk Wooden fruit kiosk

The solid wooden finishes of this kiosk provide a sturdy and durable structure. And create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It seamlessly blends in with outdoor settings, whether it’s in a park, garden, or even a busy street.

Investing in this fruit kiosk is a smart choice for any fruit merchant looking to expand their business. With its functional design and eye-catching aesthetics, it is sure to attract customers and increase sales. Whenever you need a snack kiosk for business, we can customize it to meet your demands. Contact us for more details.