T-shirt kiosk

This is a black-themed T-shirt kiosk, usually used in shopping malls or malls, retail stores are also involved. Summer is coming, and people’s demand for T-shirts is getting higher and higher. As a fast-moving consumer good, people’s demand for T-shirts is relatively broad. Therefore, if you are planning to open a T-shirt kiosk shortly, please take a look at the design of our T-shirt kiosk.

t-shirt kiosk T-shirt kiosk Layout

The total size of the T-shirt is a 4×4 meters clothing display cabinet, inside is a black locker with a door design, and we can store the inventory of T-shirt clothes in our cabinet, it is a printing booth display style. On the display are our T-shirts, neatly arranged T-shirts make the whole booth look very clean and tidy. Inside is a space for staff activities. In the middle of the weekly listening room is the place of the cashier, and the front displays and designs our logo or propaganda posters. The bottom is a stainless steel kick design, the surface is printed design style.

t-shirt kiosk Description

Size: 4×4 m

Color: Black or whatever color you want

Material: plywood + baking paint

Surface: Paint + Velcro

Others: acrylic logo, stainless steel kick

t-shirt kiosk Customized service

The last, we are a custom factory. We have made many T-shirt kiosks with different designs. We can customize a new clothing kiosk for you. Each side of the kiosk is a display cabinet where you can customize our T-shirt cabinet. If you are planning to open a T-shirt kiosk we offer you free design modification services. The cabinet display of clothes is very important. We can customize a new one according to your requirements and design a new cabinet to display clothes according to your favorite style. If you need anything, please contact us at any time.

t-shirt kiosk