Perfume Kiosk Description

Firstly, this is a transparent glass material with and very scientific sense of perfume and a kiosk display cabinet. We often see on TV perfume mixing laboratory. You will see the staff in white work clothes, holding experimental equipment in the continuous mixing of experimental perfume. This kiosk is very similar to the lab where perfumes are made. Both the theme color and the appearance shape are like a display case waiting to appreciate.

Perfume kiosk layout

The laboratory-like perfume kiosk consists of two transparent octagonal display cases and two L-shaped glass display shelves. The main material is ultra-white glass, the laminate is MDF as the base material. And the surface is treated with baking paint. The size of this display stand is about 3×2 meters, so the size can customize according to your size and design style. You can add your logo and electronic advertising machine.

Perfume kiosk Detail

At the corner of each other’s kiosks, we use the arc corner display, so that the design of the perfume kiosk will relatively safe. We won’t cut customers because of the sharp corner. This is a demonstration of detail. This is a four-layer display shelf. The perfume can sorte according to the attributes, styles, and colors, which will make the display cabinet look very nice and neat.

How to place an order

If you are interested in our high-tech perfume kiosk, you can click on our official website to build effective communication with customer service. Generally, we recommend doing the design first. We can do the design according to your requirements, and a small design fee of 300 dollars will charge. The design also needs to approve by the mall. When the mall approve, so we can make the perfume kiosk, then the transportation, and so on.