Are you looking for a nice burger kiosk in the mall? Burgers play a big role in our daily life, it brings us energy, drive away hunger and give us delicious taste. It’s a portable idea to open a bread kiosk to earn money. No matter when you plan to start, view the burger kiosk here on our website. Today, I want to introduce a U-style burger kiosk to you.

burger kiosk

Description of burger bar

As we can see in the design, the bakery kiosk consists of 3 parts and looks like a U-style in the shopping mall. It is good to use in the shopping mall.  You can also use it as a sales window for a food restaurant, which is convenient for clients to buy food and take it away. The size is about 3m by 2m, including the working counter, seating bar counter, brand logo, etc.

burger kiosk

The layout of the burger kiosk

Front counter: We can see the front counter has an open window, the top has the brand logo and the counter can use as a dining table for clients. It provides shelter for guests and service staff. Brand logo on the middle counter for attracts poeple. Inner has a service counter, and clients order and picks up burgers here. There is open shelving on the wall to place different types of ingredients and toppings to enrich the taste of the burger.

Left and right counter: The side counters have stoves, fryers, and a water sink on the top for usage. There is a glass plate to keep poeple away from machines. It is also easy to clean. Wheels at the bottom of the counter, so that you can move it to different locations.

burger kiosk

Materials details

The main materials are Plywood with wood bar and lamination surface treatment. We can also attach posters and menus to the body for advertising. If you plan to open a mall kiosk or outdoor burger kiosk, contact us now!