Have you ever dreamed of stepping into a whimsical world filled with delicious bubble tea and cozy seating arrangements? Don’t miss this fantastic and charming bubble tea shop designs popping up all over the UK. From pastel pink hues to lush artificial grass walls, it’s the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Let’s view more designs.

bubble tea shop

Introduction of the bubble tea shop

The main theme of these bubble tea shops is pink – a color that exudes charm and warmth. As soon as you step inside, you are in a sense of comfort and relaxation. Businessmen make the walls are adornes with plush sofas and chairs. Which inviting you to sit down and savor your bubble tea or coffee at your leisure.

One of the standout features of these bubble tea shops is the use of artificial grass to decorate the walls. It add a touch of whimsy to the space, and also serves as a constant reminder of the shop’s brand. The brand logo prominently displays against the lush green backdrop. Making it impossible to forget where you are.

bubble tea counter

The back side wall of the coffee kiosk is dedicated to the service counter. Complete with a water sink and all the necessary equipment for making delicious bubble tea and coffee. Everything is neatly on the workbench for easy access and efficient use. For example, ice cream machine, freezer, coffee machine and even bakery showcase.

A feature wall is strategically placed on the right-hand side of the tea shop, perfect for clients to snap photos and share their experiences on social media. With eye-catching decor and a cozy ambiance, these bubble tea shops are a hit with customers. Because they are looking for a unique and Instagram-worthy setting.

bubble tea booth

In the kitchen room, bubble tea equipment, and a stainless steel operating counter take center stage. So this is where the magic happens. Where staff whip up tantalizing drinks and snacks for eager customers. The layout is for maximum efficiency, ensuring that orders are prepared quickly and with precision.

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