Are you looking for a frozen yogurt kiosk? Frozen yogurt become very popular because of its sweet taste and brings consumers a cool feeling. It’s a very nice idea to purchase a nice wooden frozen yogurt kiosk for business. Today, I want to share a nice mall food kiosk with you. It’s installed in the Dubai Mall and our clients love it very much.

yogurt cabinet

Wooden frozen yogurt kiosk introduction

Measuring 3 meters by 2 meters, the frozen yogurt kiosk stands out with its wooden finish and green grass decoration. The wooden, green, and black color combination complements the overall aesthetic. Giving a natural and earthy feel. When approaching the kiosk, the cashier counter is conveniently near the entrance. People can check bills easily.

The middle section of the smoothie kiosk is devoted to the topping counter, where customers can customize their yogurt creations with a wide array of delicious toppings. It is a place to show items and ingredients. The brand logo is prominently on this counter, so customers can remember your shop and reputation. Beside the topping counter is a spacious area for fridges, ensuring that all the yogurt and toppings remain fresh and chilled.

Moving towards the back of the wooden kiosk, an ice cream machine offers a variety of flavors to satisfy the sweet tooth. A workbench for the water tank near it. While a water sink are thoughtfully placed close to the entrance, providing convenience for the staff and ensuring a smooth workflow.

Don’t miss the tower display stand located behind the entrance. Showcasing the kiosk’s delectable yogurt offerings. The top wooden ceiling has lights and a menu. Serving as a constant reminder to passersby of the delicious treats that await them inside. The owner loves the kiosk design and is satisfied when getting the kiosk.

picture of real products

We mainly use plywood to build the whole food kiosk. Surface materials are wooden lamination crafts. If you want a high-end shop theme, we can use solid wood panels. Stone counter top makes the kiosk look good and better to use. No matter what materials you want, we can meet your demands.

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