Do you like a luxury and unique coffee kiosk for business? Espresso Kiosk is a stunning addition to any coffee lover’s dream. This exquisite kiosk at 3m by 2m in size, offers a visually appealing and convenient way to show beverages. Today, I want to share a nice coffee kiosk with you.

This is a mobile food cart with wheel decoration and a special-shaped roof. This gives the kiosk a unique and enticing appearance, making it stand out among other coffee shops or kiosks. The combination of colors used, including yellow and brown with a purple ceiling. Adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design.

espresso counter

Layout of espresso kiosk

The front counter of this modern espresso kiosk is equipped with multiple glass showcases. Providing ample space to display coffee beans and other products. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the kiosk and allows customers to visually appreciate the range of coffee options available. The glass showcases also add a touch of transparency, showing customers the quality and freshness of the coffee beans.

To ensure the safety and convenience of both customers and staff, the left side of the coffee cart kiosk features a coffee machine and a cashier counter with curved glass panel protection. This curved glass panel adds a modern and sleek touch to the design and provides a barrier to protect the staff and equipment.

Coffee counter

On the right side of the kiosk, a metal menu stand is strategically to display the menu options and prices. This allows customers to easily browse and select their preferred beverages without any confusion. The metal material adds a contemporary and industrial feel to the overall design.

Coffee booth

At the back counter of the coffee kiosk, there is ample space for a beverage machine and a work corner. The round corners of the counter are designed to avoid any potential accidents or injuries to consumers. This attention to detail demonstrates the focus on customer safety and satisfaction.

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