What do you think about starting a business with a fantastic perfume kiosk? Today, I want to share a nice perfume booth with you. It is used as a pop-up shop in the shopping center and retail perfume shop. The upscale perfume booth is a sight to behold. With its glossy black color and golden metal frame decoration, it exudes an air of elegance and sophistication. The booth is designed as an open kiosk, allowing customers to easily browse and explore the various perfumes on offer.

Perfume counter

Description of perfume booth

At the front of the perfume kiosk, there is a display table with a golden edge and a golden metal base. Underneath the table, there is a round logo, adding a touch of branding to the booth. This display table showcases the most exquisite perfumes, catching the eyes of passersby and drawing them in. We can make it fit a location of 3m by 3m or other sizes that suit your area.

Perfume kiosk

On either side of the open kiosk, there are glass display showcases. One is rectangular, while the other is a single square showcase located near it. These showcases are perfect for displaying the most worthwhile and luxurious items. The glass showcases have LED lights and lockable doors, ensuring that people can view the products without touching them.

Moving towards the back of the perfume booth, there is a counter with a tall display cabinet. This cabinet features multiple shelves, providing ample space to showcase a wide range of perfumes. The center of the cabinet is a round-shaped display with a captivating light, further enhancing the visual appeal of the glass kiosk.

Perfume kiosk

At the bottom of the display cabinet, there is a lockable cabinet, offering storage space for additional products or belongings. This ensures that the unique perfume booth remains neat and organized, while also providing easy access to any extra items needed.