Whether you need a jewelry showcase for a showroom, office, or even collection room, you will find good options from us. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry cabinet sharing with you. We can make both a glass display cabinet and a wall-mounted showcase to start. It not only decorates the showroom but also makes it look good. Let’s view more details information together.

jewelry counter

Wall Mounted Cabinet

We can see in the design, the wall-mounted cabinet has lockable glass doors, it’s good to keep products safe. It has 2 layers of display shelving. The top layer has a spotlight to brighten the items. The cabinet size is 120cm wide, 20cm depth, and 90cm tall. We can customize it to match the wall sizes. The bottom layer has an LED light lamp to increase lighting. Merchants attach them to the wall, allowing clients to view products well. View more details about mall stall

jewelry stand jewelry stall

Glass Display Counter

There are individual counters set in the front, which is good for showing popular and hot sale items. So that people can easily access it and even try jewelry conveniently. The size is 1.2m-1.5m long, which depends on your room size. It has a glass showcase on the top with an LED light lamp. Pull-out drawers are convenient to pick up items for people. While the bottom has a lock cabinet used as storage. Don’t forget to attach the brand name or signage on the counter to remind poeple of your business.

jewelry showcase jewelry cabinet

Showroom Installation Effect

We can see how the jewelry showcase looks like when installed at the showroom. It consists of an L shape and highly matches the location area. Learn more information about jewelry kiosk

jewelry display

The primary material includes MDF with glossy baking paint. Which is a smoothie and can better show the items. Other materials include stainless steel kick, acrylic logo, 8mm tempered glass, LED light lamp, etc.

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