Are you looking for bubble tea kiosk designs? Recently, entrepreneurs opted for custom bubble tea kiosks to start their businesses. Bubble tea and beverage are popular among poeple because of their delicious taste. Today, I want to share a nice bubble tea kiosk with you. Merchants can use it to sell bubble tea, green tea, smoothie, and frozen yogurt.

bubble tea kiosk

 Attractive bubble tea kiosk design

This bubble tea kiosk uses white color with pink lighting decoration, looks creative and lovely. It’s attractive in the shopping mall because we will add colorful round bubble decorations. Size is 3m by 2m, and the tea kiosk includes a reception counter, service counter, brand logo wall, light box painting, and storage cabinet.

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milk tea kiosk

Introduction of beverage kiosk

This beverage kiosk has curved counters, which makes your shop outstanding and catches people’s attention. The front counter has a double countertop, and the top layer is convenient for clients. And the bottom layer counter is for poeple to work and store items. We can also add topping here for usage. Besides, the back counter has space for bubble tea equipment and a refrigerator. The light box painting with metal support attaches to the back wall, which allows consumers to purchase products. Besides, it is a unique ceiling with three-column supports, which looks like a special bubble tea cup with straws. The brand logo attaches to the roof.

tea kiosk

We design the bubble tea kiosk according to the owner’s idea and requirements. Our design team will also adjust it to make it more suitable for the business. Besides, the owner can make small changes and decide on the final kiosk style. The production also flows the confirmed 3D design drawing, which ensures the owner can get their ideal juice kiosks. We will also provide a construction drawing for approval and installation guidance.