Coffee cart and beverage cart is seen everywhere in shopping mall and street. Merchants can move to different locations to meet people and gain more clients. Here is an attractive coffee cart design to share with you. It is used in Australia, and we can make it fit your business in your country.

cake cart

Mobile food cart description

This mobile food cart has a working counter, espresso machine, and water sink set on the countertop. We can add a display cabinet to show the products and drinks. The coffee cart has round sides with a glass wall that protects the products and machines, and poeple can view it from all directions.

  • Size: 1400mm*600mm*2100mm 
  • Color: White with black logo and yellow decoration
  • Material: MDF, baking paint, wheels, display table, storage cabinet, acrylic logo, stainless steel, etc.

crepe cart

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As is shown in the design photo, the front side has the brand logo on the counter and ceiling. That reminds poeple of your business and leaves a deep impression on them. Behind are lock cabinets and drawers for merchants to use. We can also use line strip decorations to make the food cart look good. A large wheel at the bottom supports the coffee trolley and pushes it to different positions.

cake cart

Produce photos show

We can see the actual effect of the food cart at our workshop. It looks bright and luxurious on-site when opening. Our workers build and install the food cart so that poeple can use it directly. We will also take photos and videos to inform you of the production process.

push cart mall cart

If you have different ideas, please send us an inquiry. Our design team can add them to the food kiosk design. And you can view the details in advance. The 3D design needs about three work days, and our designer can modify it to help you make the final decision.