With the fast development of society, people focus on appearance and look for a charming look. It’s a profitable idea to open a hair straightener kiosk in the shopping mall. People can buy them and exchange hair styling freely. It’s good to display hair tools in a good way. Today, I want to share a nice hair straightener kiosk with you.

Description of hair straightener kiosk

The main color of this retail booth is white with a yellow light box painting. That looks attractive and creates a warm atmosphere. It has glass kiosks on 3 sides, which are good to show items to clients and can also protect them well. Each cabinet has an LED light lamp on the cabinets to show items to the clients. We can see the kiosk body has the brand logo and name to remind people of your business. Behind has lock cabinets to restore items for sale. There is multiple shelving at the entrance to place more products.

You can view hair salon shop fixtures here.

Hair Straightener Kiosk

Materials of hair kiosk

MDF is the popular basic material for barber kiosks and beauty kiosks. Because it has a smoothie surface and can make special shapes. We will use MDF to build the hair straightener kiosk, the surface treatment is glossy baking paint in white color. It has a high-end feeling and brilliant eyesight. 8mm tempered glass on the kiosk top with LED light strip. Other materials include stainless steel kicking, acrylic logos, posters, etc. No matter what materials you require. We can meet your demands.

Hair Straightener Kiosk

Completed photos show

From the completed photos, we can see the real looks of hair tools kisok directly.  You can also add a kiosk flooring to remind poeple to enter your shop. It can also hide wires to make the kiosk looks clean. You can also view the eyebrow threading kiosk on our website.

Hair Straightener Kiosk