If you’re looking for a way to make your shop stand out this summer, a white sunglasses display stand is the perfect solution. The bright white color of the kiosk will make your sunglasses collection pop. And the sleek design will add a touch of elegance to your display.

sunglasses kiosk

Advantages of sunglasses kiosk

Our retail optical kiosk is the perfect way to showcase your shades in style. The sleek kiosk design will make your sunglasses collection look even more glamorous. The glass display cases will allow your customers to see each pair of sunglasses up close.

The sunglasses kiosk also features ample storage space, so you can keep your sunglasses collection organized and easily accessible. This will make it easier for your customers to browse your collection and find the perfect pair of shades.

sunglasses booth

Introduction of sunglass stand

A sunglass stands with double-side shelving. It provides ample space to showcase sunglasses, eyewear, and other accessories. The double-sided shelving allows for placing more items. We can also add a sliding door at the bottom to increase the storage area. Which can store additional inventory or supplies. The mirror in the middle helps customers to see how they look in the glasses and provides a convenient spot for adjusting the fit.

sunglasses cabinet

The reception counter with a glass showcase adds an elegant touch to any store or business. The glass showcase can be used to display high-end products or merchandise that needs to be secured. The counter can also be used to greet and assist customers, making it an important feature in any store or business.

Real produce photos show

sunglasses booth optical kiosk

We can view the sunglasses kiosk below when completes production. Each shelving has an LED light lamp to highlight the sunglasses and products.