Engraving kiosk is everywhere in the shopping mall. Engraving and statues are deeply loved by people. In particular, everyone can draw their favorite colors on the mold, which is very memorable. No matter when you are ready to start a business. Opening a carving kiosk in a mall is a smart choice. Here is a nice modeling booth to share with you.

gift kiosk

Description of engraving kiosk

As we can see in the design, this engraving kiosk uses wooden and white colors. It has a great shop effect and can high-level the products and shot theme. We can see there are 2 layers of display shelving on the countertop, which uses to display engraving products and DIY status for sale. Underneath the counter has L shape panels to separate the space to indicate products. They look like K and X from distance and make your engraving booth outstanding. It is also a symbol decoration of your shop.

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gift kiosk

While the side counters have 3 layers of display counter, which is good to place souvenirs, handicrafts, gifts, tea cups, ceramic art, decorations, etc. And the service counter in the front has multiple levels of display stand with a round base. That increase the artistic atmosphere of the engraving store. The front counter has LED light decoration, it has combined wooden and white colors, making the mall booth outstanding.

gift kiosk

How to make a unique engraving kiosk design?

  • First: Tell us your requirements about the engraving kiosk. Includes sizes, colors, styles, etc. If you have a design, can also send us a basic style.
  • Second: Make a 3D design drawing. It’s a customized engraving booth, our designer will create retail kiosk design models based on your needs. They will add new elements to make it good to use.
  • Finally: Produce the engraving booth according to the confirmed design. Workers produce engraving kiosk step by step. And will take photos to update progress to you.