Do you like espresso kiosks to earn money? The wooden coffee kiosk is the perfect addition to make your dream come true. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your café but is also functional. The coffee kiosk has space to showcase your coffee and engage with your customers. Let’s view more information below.

Espresso kiosk

Introduction of wooden coffee kiosk

This espresso kiosk is solid wood and brings a touch of natural elegance to your café. The wooden ceiling adds a warm and inviting atmosphere. Creating a cozy ambiance for your customers to relax and enjoy their coffee. The kiosk with a brand logo and hang lights, instantly captures the attention of passersby. Which makes your café stand out from the crowd.

We can see the 4 corner metal support with shelves to display cups of coffee. This allows you to showcase your wide range of coffee options in an organized and visually appealing manner. Customers can easily browse through the different types of coffee available and make their selections.

Coffee booth

Layout information

To provide a comfortable seating option, the espresso kiosk also includes bar chairs on two sides. The inclusion of seating adds a social aspect to your café, encouraging customers to stay longer and potentially increase their spending.

The back counter of the coffee kiosk serves as a convenient workbench for your baristas. It provides them with ample space to prepare and serve coffee, ensuring smooth operations and efficient customer service. The back wall of the kiosk is designed with advertising, allowing you to promote your coffee offerings and attract new customers. Additionally, the wall-mounted shelving creates an opportunity to display coffee accessories or merchandise, further increasing your café’s revenue potential.

Coffee bar counter

To maximize the showcase area, the espresso kiosk includes an open cabinet behind the back wall. This allows you to display additional coffee-related products or enhance the overall visual appeal of your café. The open cabinet provides easy access to the displayed items, making it convenient for customers to explore and make purchases.

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