Shoe kiosks and retail booths can be seen in every shopping mall as people can buy unique and attractive products. It is a good idea to open a multi-purpose mall booth to make money. Merchants can display more products and provide services to increase sales. Let me share with you the good wooden kiosks used in shopping malls.

shoes kiosk

Introduction of wooden shoe kiosk

This shoe kiosk has a wooden roof, and the color is yellow and white, high-level the brand theme. It can not only attract the eye but also reflect the product well. The shoe kiosk has open shelving, storage cabinets, a kitchen, and a reception kiosk. Let customers buy shoes and hats easily. They can also enjoy juice and coffee at your booth. In addition, there are two computers on the server counter for people to use.

coffee kiosk

We can see the front side has a long display counter with frost glass on the countertop. We can set up espresso equipment and a juice machine on the counter. Therefore, merchants can provide delicious beverages for clients. Round light box painting on the wall to attract people. While the left side has an individual counter and a glass showcase to place hats and retailers. Besides, the right side has open shelving to show shoes. Both sides of the hat kiosk have an entrance door in the middle, which is convenient for clients to enter the shop. The shop center has an individual counter. And it has drawers that can lock cabinets with the brand logos. It uses for checking bills.

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hat kiosk

Roof & materials

There is a big wooden roof with supports on four sides. We can attach brand signage on the top that is to promote brand image and high level your shop. Materials include Plywood with laminate, solid wood strip, 8mm frost tempered glass, stainless steel toe kicking, light lamp, light box logo, and acrylic signage. Whenever you need a mall shoe kiosk or hat kiosk, we can customize it for you.