Most people drink wine and beer after getting off work and in their spare time because wine can help them get rid of stress. Most people make friends in bars and clubs. Wine can enhance the friendship between friends at the party. Opening a beverage kiosk in a mall is a lucrative option. Here’s a great drink booth to share with you.

drink kiosk

Description of drink kiosk

This drink kiosk is suitable for the shopping center, wine bar, food court, and clubs. Materials of the drink stall include plywood, veneer, Quartz stone, stainless steel, LED light, acrylic, etc. That high level of your wine shop. It is good to set against the wall because it has a large back wall display with shelving. The primary color of the wall shelving is wooden and black with warm light decorations. We can see three arched doors with multiple shelving, and the bottom has a locked cabinet for storage.

beverage kiosk

Counter decorations

And the front has a sizeable U-style bar counter with two-layer tops. It is convenient to pass wines to clients and suitable for clients to work here. Besides, the counter body is green with a black countertop, and the bottom is golden stainless steel kicking. That high level of your beverage and juice kiosk leaves a deep impression on people. The inside counter has a wine cup space, a locked cabinet, and necessary items.

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drink booth

How to make a wine bar counter?

You can tell us what is your location size first and decorate ideas. Our design team makes 3D design drawings for you. And you can add new ideas to view different styles and decide which to produce. Then produce it based on the confirmed mall kiosk design. Produce needs about 25 work days after the deposit arrives, and approves the plan. If you have any questions, send us an inquiry.