The drink business has a large market. People like the drink because it has a yummy taste and gets away thirsty. Whenever you plan to start a business, a drink kiosk is a good option. Especially for those who want to get a quick return. Today, I want to share a nice juice kiosk sharing with you. It will give you more good ideas.

Introduction of drink kiosk

This drink kiosk fits a large location space, such as 6m by 3m. Merchants can custom made it based on the needs. We can see there is a wooden bar decorating the counter body, and colorful lines surround the kiosk to create an amazing effect.

drink kiosk

As we can see in the beverage kiosk design, the front and rear counters are left-right symmetrical. Which looks beautiful and functional. In the middle part are 2 devices surrounded by solid wood strips. Not only does it add to the design, but it also prevents guests from seeing the equipment from the outside. The top is a metal-backed solid wood background sign that consumers can see from a distance

drink kiosk

The curved counter on both sides has a topping bar on top with a glass showcase. The body has a brand sign and brand name backlit. Above the glass case has a plate hanging on the ceiling, it can display products and items here. Cashier register and crepe machines place on the top to increase sales.

drink kiosk

There is a round counter surrounding the lease line, it has a green color roof with a spotlight to increase the brightness and enhance the atmosphere. We can also attach labels to remind poeple of your business. That can increase sales performance and help you gain more customers.

Choose more bubble tea kiosk design

drink kiosk

Produce photos show

We can see the real drink kiosk effect from the product photos. It shows the materials and final effect clearly. If you have new ideas about juice kiosk decoration, contact us now and get a new design soon.

juice kiosk